Chardonnay - everyone has heard this word. This wine is an indispensable guest of any summer dinner or rest on the shore of a pond. Buy Chardonnay wine from us - create your holiday.

  • 02.07.2021
  • Jane Doe

Summer is a wonderful period for long walks, meeting with friends, and late night dinners. Delicious food, magnificent sunsets, and a glass of good wine in the hand – these are the attributes of the upcoming summer season. Looking for the wines to offer your guests or share with your loved ones? Today, it's all about it – splendid and refreshing Chardonnay.
Though originated in the Burgundy region in France, the wines from this grape variety are produced across the globe – from California to New Zealand. The secret behind its success is the ability of the vines to grow in any climate. Due to different soils and weather, the wine may acquire numerous shades of tastes – from apple to papaya.

Why is Chardonnay so popular and loved?
Chardonnay originates in France, which is the trendsetter of good and high-quality wines. The traditions of ancient wine production are preserved in Chateau Le Grand Vostock – the winery in the south of Russia that was constructed with French technology. If you want to taste a fine example of Chardonnay for a moderate price, be sure to try this soft and fruity wine. Wine Russian House still has it in stock.
Another reason prominent is the spread of this grape variety in the world. Being available in every country, Chardonnay quickly turned into a must-have during hot summer evenings and Friday dates.

Chardonnay notable features
• White dry wine;
• Straw color;
• Fruity scent;
• Soft, clean taste;
• Creamy texture;
• Notes of vanilla, citrus flavors, white flowers, and minerals.

How to choose the best Chardonnay
First of all, there is no such notion as “the best” when it comes to this wine style.
Growing well in both cold and warm climates, in Old World (Europe) and New World (United States, New Zealand, Australia, Chile), the product will differ in flavor. Chardonnay from cooler regions, which Chateau Le Grand Vostock belongs to, is typically lighter, more acid, with notes of citrus fruits. The warmer environment is the home of full-bodied Chardonnay with a bigger amount of alcohol.
The best way to discover what you like to drink is to try different styles. Don't forget that wine is the addition to the meal, so review your menu before you buy the bottle. To pair the meat dishes, look through our selection of red wines.

What food pairs well with Chardonnay?
The balanced acidity of Chardonnay from Chateau Le Grand Vostock Winery allows you to pair it with multiple kinds of food:
• Salads and greens;
• Fish dishes and seafood;
• Poultry;
• Dishes with creamy sauce;
• Soft and creamy cheeses, like goat cheese.

How to serve Chardonnay
Like all other whites, Chardonnay should be cooled. However, it shouldn't be too cold, otherwise, the flowery taste would be muted and dulled. The optimal serving temperature is between 10-13°C (or 50-55°F). Such conditions can be achieved by placing a bottle in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes before opening.



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