The summer period has never left anyone indifferent: someone loves the heat very much, and for someone sunny days are a whole test. There is only one way out - a picnic. Everyone will like it. But nothing colors any treats like a bottle of your favorite wine, which can be ordered in our online wine delivery.

  • 27.07.2021
  • Jane Doe

Summer is a period of laziness when you want to enjoy life to the fullest! Obviously, this means taking holidays, wearing bright and light clothes and preparing simple meals. What could be better than having a picnic in the park with your family or friends?

Soft grass, sunshine, loved ones... and a bottle of good wine! Yes, when going on a picnic, it is important to think about soft drinks.

Here is our perfect plan for the perfect meeting in the park:

  1. Take a large blanket and a basket (details create atmosphere)
  2. Prepare snacks and light meals.
  3. Stock up on enough water for everyone.
  4. Take a bottle of wine and glasses.
  5. Don't forget tissues, sunscreen, and a corkscrew.


If you are going to a restaurant in the evening or returning home for a hearty meal, an aperitif is also a great choice. Preparing for it is as simple as preparing for the ABC. Prepare nuts, cherry tomatoes, radishes, olives, bread sticks, mini toast or baguette, your favorite ham, or light salads like Caprese or Melon + Ham. Pair these appetizers with a bottle of rosé: Myshako's aged Cuvee sparkling wine is a great choice. Visit the Wine Russian House store and order a rose right now!


Want to eat real food instead of a handful of nuts? Prepare something light and fresh! Our top picks for the summer are:

- Greek salad (sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, green bell peppers, red onions, olives and feta cheese)

French tuna salad (potatoes, canned tuna, beans, olives, boiled eggs, tomatoes, lettuce and some lemon dressing).

Since these dishes come from the shores of the Mediterranean, don't forget to add olive oil! Pair them with a bottle of Lefkadia Valley Sauk-Dere Riesling, which you can find in stock at the Wine Russian House website!

What are your favorite activities this summer? Have you already been to the picnic?

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