History of Myskhako

Myskhako is a picturesque village located on the Black Sea coast, 5 km south of Novorossiysk, occupying the eastern slopes of Mount Koldun (447 m above sea level).

Myskhako vineyards are located at the foot of the Koldun Mountain, which serves as a natural protection for the cold northeast wind descending from the Markotkh Range.

The first mention of the laying of vineyards in these lands dates back to 1867. The revival of viticulture and winemaking traditions here was carried out by Dr. Mikhail Fedorovich Penchul, it was he who in 1867 became the founder of the Myskhako winery. Mikhail Fedorovich carefully selected grape varieties and personally supervised the work in the vineyards.

The terroir of Myskhako is located on the same geographical parallel with northern Italy and southern France. The climate is mountain-marine, 650-700 mm of precipitation falls annually, the number of sunny days per year averages 230.

Marl soils rich in calcium and potassium predominate in the Myskhak terroir. These substances act on grapes as mineral fertilizers. The soils of Myskhako make it possible to obtain dense, full-bodied wines - both red and white.

Today, the Myskhako winery is a full-cycle enterprise with a production capacity of 5 million bottles per year.

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