We are wine brothers Vyacheslav and Sergey, bound by love for wine stronger than blood. We grew up with the idea of being fiercely independent. We do not use distributors, we do not talk to "big players", we do not use intermediaries. What we do is go to vineyards, talk to winemakers, visit wineries, taste wines and select the best ones. Our suppliers are winemakers, our contracts are nothing more than a handshake. This is our sourcing model.

The carefully selected range of wines offered by Wine Russian House fully reflects the personality of the people, the places and the passion associated with its concept - all these are unique Russian wines. A collection of ideas focused on the possibilities of drinking wine in  Russia, and a modern interpretation of winemaking guarantee that you will find the best samples of Russian wine in our assortment. The product speaks for itself.

The wine world of Europe needs an injection of fun, imagination, style and youth. With a diverse and exciting collection of wines, we are working to open a new path forward. A new way to buy, consume and enjoy wine. You buy wine, we deliver it to your doorstep.

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