Product promotion agreement


1. The consultant must be self-employed or an individual entrepreneur.
2. A Product Promotion Agreement must be concluded between the Consultant and WRH.
3. The consultant has the right to purchase the goods at a discount of 20% from the site price. In position from
The discount does not apply to the “Promo” or “Sale” sections.
4. The consultant has the right to partially share his discount with his clients.
5. The consultant has the right to use all materials available in his personal account only
for official use.
6. The consultant searches for clients independently, coordinating marketing steps with collaboration
nicknames WRH.
7. The Consultant’s earnings are calculated and generated in his personal account. After the Soviet
local signing of the work completion certificate, the Consultant issues an invoice to WRH and WRH his
pays within 5 working days. Tariffs for the Consultant's commission and
A sample calculation form is specified in the Product Promotion Agreement.
8. The consultant sets his own work schedule.
9. The Consultant is required to attend scheduled meetings with WRH staff.

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