Red wines of Russian origin are a very unusual term, because many are far from aware that Russia is reviving the wine industry and is already at a fairly high level. Buy red wine from Russian producers in our online store — discover a new world of variety of your favorite drink.

  • 10.10.2021
  • Jane Doe

Let's be honest, Russia is rarely associated with wine. Most people will be surprised to learn that vineyards can grow in the southern part of the country. In addition, one of the main wine-growing regions of the country is located on the same latitude as Bordeaux - the birthplace of expensive and exquisite red wines.

Does this mean that Russian red wines are worth trying? Definitely. Since 2006, when well-known wineries began to adopt European processes and production technologies, the quality of Russian wines has grown significantly.

Passionate wine lovers recommend never being afraid of new regions and constantly expanding your experience and knowledge about wines. Russia is a "dark horse" in the game of big players and a big threat to both the Old and New Worlds. Some Russian wines have become regular competitors in international wine competitions. They often win medals and prizes, receive high marks from the jury and recognition from high-class wine guides and organizations.

On the soils of Russia there are various varieties of grapes - from common to unique ones:

World grape varieties:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon,
  • merlot,
  • Shiraz,
  • Cabernet Franc

Autochthonous grape varieties:

  • redstop,
  • Tsymlyansky,
  • Sibirkovy,
  • Poukhlyakovsky,
  • Kokur, etc.

Modern Russian red wines are very different from what they were in the past. We can trace several important stages in the history of Russian winemaking. All of them have had a huge impact on the current state of the market.

The traditions of winemaking in Russia began to revive only after the anti-alcohol campaign of Gorbachev in 1985 and the economic crisis of the 1990s. However, a lot of effort, knowledge and money are invested in this process. Gradual increase in the area of vineyards, new equipment and experience of professional winemakers made it possible to create a certain reputation for Russian red wines - first among local residents, and then abroad.

Today, Russian red wines are not perceived through the prism of skepticism. They are worthy competitors in international wine competitions, they have a unique taste and a relatively low price. They are included in the wine lists of restaurants and will be a wonderful treat and discovery for your guests.

The popularity of Russian red wines continues to grow, primarily due to the wide variety of varietal wines and blends. Semi-sweet or dry, the familiar Cabernet Sauvignon or the unknown Redstop - you will be happy to get to know him at least once! Like other red wines around the world, Russian produce can be both expensive and affordable. We, at Wine Russian House, select the best examples of Russian winemaking with an optimal balance of price and quality. Visit our online store and discover the enigmatic aromas of familiar grape varieties. We carefully select all the bottles and taste all the wines ourselves. So we guarantee that you will enjoy every glass!

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