Wine Russian house is a company for true connoisseurs of good wines. Order wine from a warehouse in Europe in our online store — open a bottle of good wine for a good reason.

  • 22.06.2021
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our team

Wine Russian House - these are two wine brothers - Vyacheslav and Sergey, whom love for wine binds stronger than blood. We grew up in an environment where you learn to be "extremely independent". From a very young age, we use this concept in everything we do.

In our work, we do not cooperate with distributors, we never work with "big players" and large industries, we do not use intermediaries.

What are we to do then?

We visit vineyards, talk to winemakers, look at the process of growing grapes and winemaking, trying different products and selecting the best of them. Our suppliers are the winemakers themselves, our agreements are nothing more than a handshake. We do not offer wines that we do not like, we never recommend any product, because the wine grower is our close friend. This is our sourcing model.

Our products

We are happy to share the selection of drinks we enjoy when meeting friends and families. The carefully selected range of wines offered by Russian House Wine fully reflects the individual characteristics of people, places and passions associated with the concept of winemaking - this is what makes Russian wines unique. We are proud to say that every product you can find in our online store is a great choice for any occasion. Each bottle, prepared with care, is the perfect accompaniment to a meal with family or friends. A collection of ideas with a focus on the possibilities of wine consumption in Russia and a modern take on the wine production process ensure that you will find fine examples of Russian wine in our extensive selection. The product speaks for itself.

The wine world of Europe, often referred to as the "Old World" and known for preserving ancient traditions and heritage, needs to be supplemented with fun, imagination, style and the lightness of youth.

We sincerely believe that the modern world is open to new types of wines, new regions, advanced winemaking technologies, of course, new and unusual tastes.

Our mission

With a diverse and interesting collection of wines, we work to share new tastes and bring fresh experiences to people around the world. We believe that discovering the different sides of art de vivre (the art of living) is better with a bottle of excellent and quality wine. We dream of opening a new way forward, where there are no boundaries and restrictions. A new way to buy, consume and enjoy wine. You buy wine and we deliver it to your doorstep!

Our tasks

  • Selection of only high-quality wines, so that the buyer can get a complete picture of winemaking in Russia.
  • We offer rare and exclusive samples of Russian wines.
  • The most convenient service.

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