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  • 02.07.2021
  • Jane Doe

Choosing a bottle of wine for the evening is a challenge. Choosing a reliable supplier may turn into a headache. Wine is one of the most popular drinks in the world, so naturally, the number of places where you can get it is infinite. Wineries, special shops, supermarkets – the amount of options is truly countless. But who can you trust?

We recommend following the French model of wine buying since this country is the trendsetter of the culture of drinking wine. People in France purchase their bottles at local wineries or in small specialized shops called “caviste(wine merchant). Wine Russian House can be your “caviste” in the world of wines.

Here's why!

Reason No. 1. We offer a limited selection but enough to discover various tastes and kinds.

Entering a large supermarket we can get lost while wandering between the shelves and searching for the best product. However, you won't find the same amount in Wine Russian House. That is how we ensure that only quality and good examples of Russian winemakers will make it to our selection.

Nevertheless, the choice is vast. We have all kinds of wine and the most popular grape varieties:

Whether you are a beginner in the world of wines or an expert, you will always find a good bottle for any occasion – from aperitif with friends to a romantic date.

Reason No. 2. We are confident that our wines are excellent too because we try them ourselves.

Our work is based on the principle “Do not offer anything that you don't like”. We enjoy trying new tastes and share our knowledge with friends and close ones. Why not share it with the rest of the world?

We personally visit all the wineries, learn about the process of winemaking and try various blends and varietal wines. We purchase directly from manufacturers. This is how we can ensure the lowest prices and the best quality.

Reason No. 3. In our shop, there are only those wines that we love to drink.

We love and respect the wine culture, therefore we never offer drinks that we don't like. The wines that you can find in Wine Russian House are often present on our tables. You won't find any bottle on our website that we haven't tried ourselves. Besides, we are confident that life is just too short to drink bad wine!

Yes, we know that the matter of taste can be quite subjective and two people cannot agree on the same question (especially when it comes to such a subtle matter as wine). Yet we are offering the best of the kinds - the sparkling wines of fine quality and Russian production (red, white and rose) made of the most popular grape varieties.

Reason No. 4. We constantly learn and experiment.

We love discovering new - new tastes, new blends, new ways of production. The amount of wine types is too big to stick to the same product every time. Visiting wineries, getting acquainted with people who are sharing our passion for wine, learning traditions and stories of Russian wine enthusiasts makes us proud of what we do and feel that the world has to find out more about this wonderful drink and its shades.

Want to get to know wine better? Try the carefully produced wines from the south of Russia! Place an order and Wine Russian House will deliver it to your doorstep!


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