Chardonnay — everyone has probably heard about this kind of wine. But at the same time, he has not been popular for decades. The best website to order Chardonnay wine of any variety is in front of you – we do everything to ensure that the fine wine of high weaving is on your table as quickly as possible.

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There is a reason why so many people call Chardonnay their favorite wine. Grapes adapt to the characteristics of the territory, climate varieties and soil composition. Thus, each bottle is unique in its own way - crunchy or soft, clear or oaky, rich or light. Everyone can find the perfect Chardot to suit their tastes!

4 Reasons Why Chardonnay Has Captured the Hearts of People Around the World

Chardonnay ranks 8th in the world in terms of the number of plantings of grapes and, of course, is one of the most frequently consumed and discussed (in books, TV series and films) wines. What is the secret of such success?

  • Variety of flavors.
  • Possibility to drink during any part of the meal (aperitif, main course, desserts).
  • Availability - grapes are planted in almost all corners of the world (from New Zealand to England).
  • Numerous types of wines - sparkling or still, dry or sweet - it's all about Chardonnay.

Each Chardonnay is original and unique. This wine is produced even in Russia. If you want to discover a new taste, buy a few bottles on the Wines of the Russian House website. They might become your favourites!

Geography of Chardonnay

Not surprisingly, Chardonnay comes from France. More precisely, the cradle of this grape variety is in Burgundy, a region in the eastern part of the country. Some of the most noble and expensive bottles come from this region. However, you don't have to be a billionaire to enjoy a glass of Chardot on the weekend.

Thanks to its unpretentious care and ability to adapt to any climate, this grape variety has been planted all over the world: Europe, Chile, Argentina, USA, South Africa, Russia. Each winemaker uses special techniques and secrets to give his wine an unforgettable and unique aroma and taste. There is always an opening in every bottle!

50 shades of Chardonnay: how does it taste?

When it comes to describing Chardot flavors, the list can be extremely long. It mainly depends on the area in which the grapes grow and the process of winemaking. It is usually a dry wine with hints of fruitiness (from apple to papaya) or vanilla.

With Wine of the Russian House you can discover three different varieties of Chardonnay:

  1. Full-bodied, oily taste with tones of white berries (Myskhako winery);
  2. Bright fruity taste with good acidity (SORT winery);
  3. Soft vanilla nuances with hints of citrus and white flowers (Chateau Le Grand East winery).

The difference in taste depends on the composition of the soil and the type of barrel. Vanilla notes and rounded texture are the result of fermentation in oak barrels. You will find this noble taste in every bottle of Chardonnay from the Myskhako winery. Looking for something crisp and bright? Try the Chardonnay from the SORT winery - only steel barrels are used in the production.

Where is the best Chardonnay produced?

There is no such thing as a "generally accepted Chardonnay standard" because it depends on the personal tastes of each individual. That is why this wine is loved by millions of people. The great advantage of this grape variety is that it grows successfully in both cold and warm climates and absorbs the best aspects of the local soil and climate.

If you want to try something close to the "original" (French) Chardonnay, we recommend choosing cool climate regions:

  • Old World (France, Germany, Austria, Northern Italy)
  • New World (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia)

The best examples of Russian Chardonnay can be found in the Wine Russian House online store. The elegant and mineral taste of these wines will win your heart, and its smooth and balanced structure will be hard to resist.

Serving and Pairing: How to Get the Best Chardonnay Bottle Experience

Like all white wines, Chardonnay tastes better when served fresh. The optimum temperature for an unbaked Chardonnay is 8-10°C (to bring out the acidity and mineral flavor). If the grapes have been fermented in oak barrels, serve slightly warmer (10-12°C) to bring out the vanilla flavors.

A highly gastronomic wine variety, Chardonnay pairs well with fish and seafood dishes, Asian cuisine, salads, grilled chicken, pastas, dishes with mushrooms or creamy sauces, and even hard or soft cheeses. This is a wine for enjoying life - alone or in company. Wine Russian House is ready to help you explore new horizons - just order a couple of bottles of Chardonnay and enjoy every moment with a glass of top quality wine!

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