The Defkadia Valley is a paradise for recreation and wine production. Would you like this wine? Take advantage of the online delivery of our wine shop and try our wine!

  • 22.06.2021
  • Jane Doe

If there existed Disneyland for adults, it would definitely include wine tasting. What can be better than spending a weekend with family or friends while enjoying great food and drinks? Lefkadia Valley is a destination like this! It's great for any occasion: vacationing with kids, romantic getaways, spending time with friends. Moreover, it gives you the chance to discover the local wines of the region.

Eager to learn more? Let's make a little virtual tour!

A quick view of Lefkadia Valley

Mikhail Nikolaev, the owner of Lefkadia Valley believes that the best way to understand the philosophy behind discover the local wine styles is to pay a visit. It's always hard to resist an invitation, especially if there's tasting involved.

Lefkadia Valley includes not the only winery. There's a farm on its territory that is known for the production of cheese, oils, and butter. Coming here for the whole weekend is not a problem at all. The visitors can stay in a comfortable guest house and explore the winery at a slow pace.

The main attraction here is the vineyards and museum of wine. You can learn about the winemaking in Russia throughout history, see how the grapes grow and how they turn into a bottle of wine and of course, it's hard to leave without tasting some of the fine examples of local products.

Range of products

Unlike in France, where winemakers focus on the production of one particular style, Lefkadia Valley is for a diversity of tastes. Here, everyone can find something interesting. A vast choice of local and world-famous wine styles made it possible to attract plenty of visitors who are curious to discover new.

There are several brands of wine that are being produced in the valley. Some of them are well known across the globe: Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir. They serve as a basis for local blends. Such an approach in combination with unique terroir gives the wines a certain original flavor and taste.

In general, the variety of choice in Lefkadia Valley is more than enough for both wine experts and curious amateurs:

  • Red wines with PGI (protected geographical indication);
  • White wines with PGI;
  • Rose wines with PGI;
  • blanc de blanc;
  • reserve wines;
  • sparkling wines;
  • Varietal wines;
  • original blends.

Destination Lefkadia Valley: tourism mecca

The winery attracts visitors due to the well-developed infrastructure. It's a great place to spend the weekend with family. Moreover, you don't have to be a wine lover to visit this place. There's a free walking area where you can enjoy Roman square (built on the basis of the ancient marketplace), a pond with fish, a restaurant, a French garden, an observation deck on the top of the tower, playground for children.

During lavender season, there's a chance to book a tour and see the blooming purple plants and inhale the healing scents of lavender. And of course, it will be hard to leave Lefkadia Valley without a bottle or two.

Where to buy Lefkadia Valley wines

Despite huge ambitions and large production, it might be hard to find the products of the winery in local Russian shops. Only a limited amount of chains offers the magnificent products made in the valley. If you don't plan to visit Lefkadia Valley or the south of Russia anytime soon, you still have a chance to discover new tastes. Choose the most interesting blend of varietal wine in our shop and Wine Russian House will deliver it safely to your doorstep!

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