White wine is one of the most common drinks, loved by millions of people everywhere. Russian winemaking is actively gaining momentum and creates some of the best varieties of this dish. Buy white wine in our online store — make your event unforgettable.

  • 13.10.2021
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Although the history of Russian winemaking goes back to ancient times, its current state is greatly influenced by the traditions of the Old World. However, Russian products have their own character, especially when it comes to white wines.

As you know, white wines reflect the main features of the territory in which they are produced: soil, climate, weather. Despite its long history, Russia is still one of the most underestimated and unexplored territories in the world. What is so unique about Russian white wines and why are they about to become a growing trend?

  • Russian winemakers grow mainly famous grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Riesling and Aligote. Tempted to explore the many shades of a familiar drink? Try it together with "Wine of the Russian House". Our store presents the best examples of Russian white wines.
  • Adoption of old traditions and techniques. The oily taste of oak wines or delicious appassimento style wines - you will find it all in Russia.
  • Interesting varietal wines and unusual blends.
  • Brand new grape varieties (unknown in Europe) that allow wine lovers to expand their experience and experience more flavors.
  • Affordable prices. Unlike popular wineries in France or Italy, the cost of a bottle of Russian white wine remains moderate.

Once again, after decades of decline, Russian winemakers are starting to revive the industry. The anti-alcohol campaign carried out in the 1980s had a huge impact on vineyards and wineries. Most of them were closed, prices rose, and a whole generation was deprived of good wines. Gradually, this trend is changing for the better.

Interest in Russian white wines is beginning to grow among the population. The products of local wineries participate in international competitions, receive high marks from experts and even get into the wine lists of many restaurants. We can see impressive progress in an industry that has only just begun.

What does a typical Russian white wine taste like? It's hard to say, because there are dozens of nuances that affect the taste. One thing is for sure: among all the options, you are sure to find your favorite. Discover the palette of quality Russian wines with Wine Russian House:

Sauvignon Blanc

A classic grape variety used to produce a crisp and refreshing wine with bright acidity. Sauvignon Blanc can be harvested fairly early, making it an excellent choice for most areas. In Russia, Sauvignon Blanc is used in varietal wines and excellent blends with local vines.


The king of Russian winemaking and the most popular type of white wine. Depending on the production process, it can be fruity or buttery, light or full-bodied.


Another popular grape variety that can reveal different sides - in Russia, Riesling can be either dry (with caramel notes) or semi-sweet (with a pleasant honey and candy flavor).


The aromatic Gewürztraminer is a grape that reveals its potential in cooler climates. Russian soils and weather give this wine a subtle taste of grapefruit, rose petals and herbs.


Coming from Georgia, this grape variety is something new for Europeans. Juicy, bright and expressive, it will be an ideal discovery for wine lovers.

The world of white wines is bigger than we can imagine. If you want to understand the mysterious Russian soul, there is no better way to do it than high quality wines!

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