Which wine to choose: red or white? Buy both types in our online store of Russian wines and feel the bright versatile taste of a meal at any event.

  • 16.07.2021
  • Jane Doe

There is no clear winner in the battle of wines. The choice of bottle is a matter of taste, occasion, season and, of course, the dishes served. When it comes to choosing wine for dinner, it's important to pair it with the food in the right way so that both the drink and the food taste brighter.

Chita and white wines are completely different when viewed from several angles. Each of them has its own characteristics and features that should be considered before putting the bottle on the table and opening it. Let's discover some secrets together!


Traditionally, red wines are great for romantic dinners and family gatherings. However, you should not boldly choose a bottle of red wine based on this factor. The main factor to consider is the dish that will be served.

Red wine, for example, dry red Cabernet Franc from the Myskhako winery, which is one of the favorites of Russian House of Wine customers, goes very well with dishes:

— Meat dishes and juicy steaks
— Game, ribs, roast lamb
– Burger (yes, it can be served with wine)
- Eggplant Dishes
— hard cheeses

When opening a bottle of red wine, be sure to give it some time to breathe. After spending several years in a pressurized bottle, the drink needs to get in contact with oxygen. Red wine should not be drunk cold. The optimum serving temperature is between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit (16-18 degrees Celsius).


White wines are lighter, fruitier and fresher. This is a great addition to a summer meal or light meals. The choice of dishes to pair with white wine, such as 100% Chardonnay from the SORT winery, which you purchase in our online store, should be different. Heavy meat dishes will not pair well with honey, peach, and vanilla flavors.

What to serve with white wine?

- Fish and seafood
- Dishes with cream sauce
— Poultry meat
— Pasta
— Salads
— Vegetable dishes
- Mushrooms

Unlike red wine, a bottle of white wine should be served chilled. The ideal solution is to store the bottle in the refrigerator and take it out 20 minutes before serving. Lighter wines like Chardonnay are at their best at 46-50 degrees Fahrenheit (8-10 degrees Celsius).
And remember one golden rule: you make the rules in your house. So, after a light meal with a bottle of white wine, it's perfectly fine to pair a bottle of red with hard cheeses. After all, life is about savoring the moments!

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